12 Effective Do-It-Yourself Ways On How To Get Rid Of Those Nasty Bedbugs

Friday, September 17th, 2021
When it comes to bedbugs, most will usually associate them with flea infested low rate motel or hotel room bed sheets, in remote roadside locations when traveling around the country. What?s true, is that they’re most commonly found in these situations and locales, but the bedbug problem is becoming a much more common issue. They’re now more persistent and invading homes in your neighborhood, across the country.

Bedbugs can easily cling to your clothing, anywhere you are once you come in contact with them. This could be the local clothing store, or a second hand thrift shop.

Once you come in contact with them, you take the bedbugs home with you, where they can spread. There’s also a common myth, that bedbugs appear where there’s dirt and grime, so many will just continuously wash their bed sheets and comforters, this to hopefully prevent infestation.

This however isn’t true, since warmth and carbon dioxide is what initially attracts these bedbugs in the first place.

Bedbugs Be Gone
For those who’s ever experienced bedbugs in their home, the most common solution is to hire costly exterminators, which always isn’t guaranteed to completely rid of them, as the bugs are extremely persistent.

What these professionals will do, is most commonly use a chemical solution to spray clean the house, to hopefully eradicate them. What’s found, is that there are a handful of DIY solutions, that you can try yourself, usually inexpensively.

Why Bed Bugs Are Difficult To Rid Of

In the video below, what experts will share are 12 different ways, on how you can rid of these bedbugs, and ensure that they hopefully never return again. Some of the methods include:

? Using an extremely high temperature steam cleaner
? Spreading mint leaves on the bed and all the infested areas, as mint is known as a natural repellent for bedbugs
? Spraying rubbing alcohol on the affected areas
? Sprinkling baking soda on the affected areas

What’s revealed are 8 other effective methods to rid of these nasty bedbugs, some with items you already have around the home!