9 Spring Cleaning Rituals To Remove Negative Energy From Your Home

Saturday, December 4th, 2021
Spring has finally sprung, as the weather is finally warming up. The enclosed areas in the home, especially in colder weather, has been bottled up with negative energy, which needs to be removed as the summer weather arrives.

It can’t been seen but definitely felt, as the energy in the home influences everyone’s overall mental state. This negative energy is also known to contribute towards disrupting family relationships, elevate conflict, resulting in stress and anxiety.

So what needs to be altered is the shifting or removal of this dormant energy from the home, which restores balance and harmony in ones life, providing that peaceful easy feeling.

3. Rearrange The Furniture

What the lurking negative energy needs are objects to cling on to, so it can hang around and haunt. So what’s recommended is moving around the furniture and room d?cor, this once Spring rolls around. What’s then felt is an exhilarating feeling just by the rearrangement, this because it scatters the bad negative energy away.

What some recommend, is then moving the furniture around at least once a month. While rearranging, make sure to give importance to all the open spaces that are created. Also dispose of all items that’s no longer needed, or are broken. Buying new furniture from time to time, works wonders as well.

2. Smudging

Smudging, is an ancient yet effective method of removing negative energy from the home. This proven age-old tradition is popular among the indigenous people. A popular smudging process includes the use of the herb sage. Once bound and burned, what sage does is creates negative ions in the air.

What producing negative ions does, is helps improves ones sense of well-being, along with elevating mental clarity. The aroma that sage emits, is also found to be relaxing and soothing. Sage is readily available at the market, or it can be dried out in the sun.


1. Use Of Saffron

What the spice saffron has been used for, is to purify the home. What’s traditionally believed is that the strong odor of this spice, is capable of warding off negative energy. So it’s recommended to use this aroma in the home while Spring cleaning, as the negativity will evacuate.

Walk into a room you’re wanting to refresh by sprinkling saffron, then chant a prayer which allows positive energy to enter that space. What any related natural fragrance does, is removes negative stagnant energy, while playing a vital role in purification.

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