How To Transfer Your VHS Memories And Digitally Transfer Them To Your Computer

Friday, September 17th, 2021
There was a time not long ago before the Internet existed, before Pinterest, Instagram, and smartphones with cameras that take instant pictures wherever you are, the only way to do so, was bulky video cameras. They were extremely big, awkward handheld devices, where cherished memories were recorded on VHS tape. The worst was lugging around these camera’s on your shoulders.

They were however at the time, a revolutionary piece of machinery. What they captured was movement, and not still images. Real time events in real time, such as weddings or sporting events, which were saved as memories forever. This is how home videos were born.

These hours of memories were conveniently stored on those bulky black square tapes, no bigger or wider than a favorite fiction novel. Similar to a cassette tape, they were easy to play once fed into a videocassette recorder, which connected directly to a TV.

Then the Internet came along and killed the VHS video tape, and its advent the DVD, making them virtually useless, as they practically became obsolete overnight. What the Internet introduced was digital technology, which completely eliminated everything before that.

Many will most likely remember these outdated terms from the past, when they were growing up, such as VHS, VCR, DVD, cassettes, don’t forget to rewind?. etc.

What most still have however hidden somewhere in their closets, are a stack of these old cassettes and VHS tapes, all full of memories that they can’t get rid of. It’s difficult to just let the past go.

Thankfully, all that’s needed is getting a connector cable, which is attached from the VHS machine, and with the software, it’s possible to transfer all the good and at times bad memories of the past, to digital. So bring out those dusty VHS cassettes, and save them.

Click the video below and watch the tutorial, to find out how you can start transferring them ASAP.