Recently Fired Disgruntled Car Salesman Reveals Secrets Of The Car Industry

Friday, September 17th, 2021
GET The Lowest Car Loan In The USA With Good, Bad, Or No Credit!
What car dealerships obviously do is sell cars, but where they really make their money is by offering high interest car loans, this through their financial partners. Are you looking to buy a new car but have no credit, bad credit, or currently have a poor credit score?

Do you have a job that pays at least $1500 per month or more, and are 18 years or older? Are you currently a legal United States citizen or legal resident? Have you been rejected for a car loan from your bank?

Meet Jordon, he’s an ex car salesman previously employed by one of America’s largest dealerships. He explained that what every car dealership and their lenders are doing, and don’t want you to know, is they’re making extremely huge profits by offering high interest car loans, this by overcharging those who are unaware, or don?t know any better.

What The Car Dealership Doesn’t Want You To Know
So if you’re in the market for a new car, but having difficulty getting a loan, then a service such as 24/7 Auto Finance can help you out. Even if you have no credit, experienced bankruptcy, or even had your car repossessed, you can still qualify for a car loan, at times lower than the dealership.

If you live in the United States, all you need is to enter your ZIP code, along with some personal information into a confidential online car loan comparison site such as 24/7 Auto Finance. All it takes is just a few minutes, to find out if you qualify for a car loan or not. Often, you can drive away the same day!

Most who are looking to buy a car, don?t realize that these types of lending services exists. So as a result, they’ll end up paying higher interest rates, by using the car dealerships in-house lender.

Do You Have Bad Credit?
If you do happen to have bad credit, where do you even begin? What you need is a car, and once you find one that you like, what you don’t want is to spend the time looking for financing.

What will also happen, is that most will usually accept the first approved car loan that they get, which usually has a high interest rate, without even trying an online car loan comparison site such as 24/7 Auto Finance.

Jordon is just tired of hearing about hard working Americans who are constantly getting ripped off, so we asked him to explain how a car buyer, can get the best car loan available to them.

Steps To Saving Money Buying A New Car

1. Never finance your car through a car dealership. Instead, use an online car loan comparison site to get the lowest possible rate
2. What these car loan sites will do is pre-approve you for a loan, usually on the same day, offering you the lowest possible rate
3. All that’s needed is your ZIP code, and your personal information to begin. Make sure it’s accurate
4. Enter your employment status and employer for verification. What you need is to prove that you’re employed
5. If you earn $1,500 per month or more, you can qualify for a loan even with bad credit
6. Make sure that you confirm your phone number for accuracy before you submit the application, so a representative can call you, to get all your questions answered
7. Make sure that you ask about the $0 down option, and how it effects your monthly payments
8. Know that you’re under no obligation to accept the loan once you’re approved
9. Once you’re completely satisfied with the payment terms of the loan, then go shop for your new car

Get The Lowest Possible Car Loan
If you’re wanting to get the lowest possible monthly loan for your new car, then Click Here to use the free online no obligation car loan comparison site. Accurately complete the form to qualify for the best possible rate, for the exact car that you want, all while saving money at the same time!

Jordon’s Final Tip…
To get the best possible car that you can afford, first apply for a loan from 24/7 Auto Finance. Make sure that you get pre-approved for the loan, before you go to the dealership to shop for your new car.

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